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Greek-Style Appetizers

Cold Selections Warm Selections
Greek 'Fassolia' Beans -- a delicious specialty made with virgin olive oil, fresh lemon. -- $6.75 Fresh 'Horta' Greens -- fresh, boiled endive greens with fresh lemon. -- $6.25
Greek Caviar 'Tarama' -- our centuries-old recipe is among the world's best. -- $6.75 'Dolmathes' Stuffed Grape Leaves -- made fresh in our kitchen; our celebrated version is made with extra lean ground beef, and rice. -- $7.75
'Hummus' -- whipped chick peas, fresh garlic, fresh lemon, sesame oil - a Mediterranean favorite. -- $6.75 'Spanakopita' -- spinach and feta cheese pie in Filo dough. -- $7.95
Yogurt 'Tzatziki' -- fresh yogurt, thinly diced cucumbers, and fresh Mediterranean herbs. -- $6.75 Golden-Batter 'Kalamaria' -- $9.95
'Melitzanosalata' -- several critics have raved over our recipe. -- $6.75 Cognac-Flamed Cheese 'Saganaki' -- flamed with lemon-cognac. -- $9.00
Freshly-made 'Tabouli' -- cracked wheat, lemon juice, parsley, green onions, tomatoes, and spices. -- $6.75 Char-Broiled Fresh Octopus -- absolutely delicious - served with grilled green scallions. -- $15.00
Feta Cheese -- and Kalamata Black Olives. -- $9.50 Greek Meatballs 'Keftethes' -- our customers love our recipe for those crispy, herb-seasoned meatballs. -- $8.75
Greek Style Chilled Jumbo Shrimp -- caressed with extra-virgin Greek olive oil, fresh lemon, a hint of fresh garlic, fresh basil, and green scallions. -- $16.00

'Loukanika'-- Greek sausage. -- $7.75

'Fried Artichokes' -- hand-battered and flash fried -- $7.50

'Baked Feta Cheese' -- over Greek salsa, delicious with hot Greek baquette -- $8.50 Mediterranean Style Grilled Eggplant -- stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and feta cheese.-- $8.75

Classical Greek Salads

Greek Village Salad -- the Greek salad we made famous in Los Angeles - tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, capers, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, red onions, Greek vinaigrette. -- $9.50 Greek Taverna Salad -- same as the Village Salad, except this version, in the Greek tradition, is served without greens. -- $9.75
Peasant Chopped Salad -- chopped romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, red onions, feta cheese, in a light Greek vinaigrette. -- $9.75 The Blue Mediterranean -- the salad we made famous in our restaurant in Paris - chunks of fresh chicken breast, sliced, fresh avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, capers, and feta cheese over fresh greens, Greek vinaigrette. A meal in itself. -- $15.25 Substitute Shrimp -- $21.00

Traditional Homeland Soup

Avgolemono Soup
Without a doubt the best homemade version of this traditional and famous Greek soup - freshly-made rich chicken soup you'll cherish - made with fresh chicken broth, eggs, and fresh lemon and orzo pasta. -- $6.95

Order our Famous Grilled Pita Bread
$2.95 per order (serves two).
Our Greek round-loaf bread served free.

Mediterranean Pastas

Vegetarian Pasta Corfu -- healthy pasta with a Greek touch - linguini pasta with fresh vegetables in a rich tomato-herb sauce. -- $15.50 Browned Butter Pasta -- the Greeks invented this simple, yet delicious dish. Linguini pasta quickly sautéed in browning butter and fresh garlic, anointed with grated Greek Cheese. -- $14.50
Greek Meat Balls and Linguini Pasta -- with freshly-grated imported Kefalograviera cheese. -- $18.00 Pasta with Braised Lamb -- Lamb slowly simmered in fresh tomato sauce and red wine. -- $22.00
Macedonian Shrimp Pasta -- linguini pasta in a delicious, aromatic sauce of tomato, herbs, shallots, garlic, fresh basil, feta cheese, and large shrimp. -- $27.00

Hellenic Plate Specialties
entrees below served with oven-roasted potatoes,
Greek-style pilaf, and fresh vegetables.

Greek Homeland Specialties Chicken and Beef Specialties
Spinach Cheese Filo Pie 'Spanakopita' -- $15.00 Chicken Athenian -- chicken-breast stuffed with feta, fresh spinach, and Avgolemono sauce. -- $24.00
Baked 'Pastitsio' Deep-Dish Pasta -- pasta-layered with lean ground beef, herbs, tomato, béchamel sauce. -- $15.50 Char-Broiled Chicken-Breast Kebab 'Souvlaki' -- marinated with fresh lemon and ground oregano. -- $22.00
Stuffed Grape Leaves 'Dolmathes' -- extra-large, homemade, served with Avgolemono sauce. -- $15.50 Char-Broiled Sirloin Filet Beef Kebab 'Souvlaki' -- $26.00

"Moussaka" -- the national dish of Greece, and a specialty of the house - baked eggplant, ground beef, Greek spices, béchamel sauce. -- $16.00

Mixed Chicken and Beef 'Souvlaki' -- $25.00
Combination Greek Platter -- House specialties on a large platter- pastitsio pasta, moussaka, stuffed grape leaves, spinach cheese pie spanakopita, lamb of the day, oven-roasted potato, rice pilaf, vegetable of the day. -- $23.00 Hellenic Seafood
Greek-Style Vegetarian Platter -- includes yogurt tzatziki, hummus, eggplant , melitzanosalata, tabouli, spinach cheese pie, spanakopita, rice pilaf, fresh vegetable of the day, Greek fassolia beans, feta cheese, fresh tomato, cucumber. -- $22.00 Sautéed Shrimp a la Greque white wine, artichoke hearts, and Avgolemono sauce. -- $28.00
Greek-Style Lamb Char-Broiled Jumbo 'Garithes' Shrimp -- as featured on the Greek cruise liner the Stella Solaris -- $30.00
Lamb Shanks -- braised with our tomato sauce and red wine.-- $27.00 Char-Broiled Fresh Salmon -- with a spray of lemon, and oregano.-- $26.00
Our Famous Oven-Roasted Spring Lamb -- a house specialty of tender chunks of fresh roasted lamb. -- $26.00 Seabass or Swordfish Santorini -- (ask your server) sautéed fresh tomatoes, scallions, garlic, white wine, and herbs.-- $28.00
Char-Broiled Lamb Kebab 'Souvlaki' -- $27.00
Four Char-Broiled Lamb Chops -- $28.00
Char-Broiled Sliced Loin of Lamb -- $28.00
Our Famous Rack of Lamb -- $37.00
Tsipoura - Whole Fish -- (periodically available - ask your server)

(served to two or more persons and recommended for large parties.) -- $29.95 per person