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Macedonian Baklava -- homemade with crushed almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pure Mt. Hymettus Greek honey and filo. -- $7.95 Custom-Baked Creamy Cheesecake -- we consider ours to be among the best cheesecake recipes in Los Angeles. -- $6.95
Galaktobouriko -- superb Greek dessert. Homemade Greek custard in filo divinely baked in our own kitchen. -- $7.95

Chocolate Mousse Cake -- $6.95

Chocolate Fondant -- $7.50

Our Celebrated Rice Pudding -- Greek diners in New York City serve the world's best rice pudding, and this is our version of it. Creamy, and rich with golden raisins, dusted with cinnamon. -- $7.95 Roasted Pecan Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae -- vanilla bean ice cream, roasted pecans, hot fudge and whipped cream. -- $6.95
Honey Nut Ice Cream Parfait -- served at Athens' famous outdoor ice cream parlor, Floka's - rich vanilla bean ice cream and pure Greek Mt. Hymettus honey, topped with crushed almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and whipped cream. -- $6.95 Strawberries Romanoff -- vanilla bean ice cream and strawberries with Grand Marnier. -- $6.95
Our Acclaimed Metaxa Brandy Ice Cream Freeze  -- rich vanilla bean ice cream laced with premium Metaxa brandy in a delicious freeze. -- $7.95 Mocha Espresso Delight -- vanilla ice cream, espresso and whipped cream. -- $5.95

Greek Yougurt, Honey and Walnuts -- $6.95

White Chocolate Mousse Cake -- $6.95

A Dish of Vanilla Ice Cream -- $4.85

Amaretto Coffee -- Amaretto, fresh coffee, and whipped cream. -- $6.50 Greek Coffee -- the exotic coffee of Greece. Order it with sugar - a little, medium, or a lot, or without sugar: regular or decaffeinated; served with loukoumi. -- $2.95
Irish Dublin Coffee -- Irish whiskey, fresh coffee, and whipped cream. -- $6.50 Cappuccino -- $2.95

Frangelico Di Roma -- imported Frangelico, fresh coffee, and whipped cream.-$ 6.50

Espresso -- $2.50
Great Greek Coffee -- Metaxa, a touch of ouzo, and fresh coffee. -- $6.50 Cafe Frappe -- iced and cool. -- $2.95